How to Improve Immunity

Because of the covid-19 pandemic that has affected the world, it has become more important that we devote more time to our health. For this reason, we will try to share the necessary information on how to improve immunity.
The virulent impact of epidemics has again demonstrated how important it is to protect our health. As we enter the spring season, we will offer a few suggestions for strengthening the immune system. Because of the sudden change in temperatures during the seasons, the risk of catching diseases such as flu and cold also brings. Cold and dry weather reduces the moisture needed for healthy mucosa, making these airway tissues susceptible to microbes. At the same time, because we spend more time indoors during these seasons, our risk of getting the disease increases. When all of these factors make seasonal transitions suitable for the spread of diseases, we should strengthen our immune system.

When we sit down to eat, it should be included in vegetables and fruits reach in anti oxidant and vitamin C on our plate. An ideal menu should include foods rich in zinc and fish. The consumption of carrots, sweet potatoes, mushrooms, capcicum and garlic is also important in colorful foods containing antioxidants. Sweet potatoes are rich in prebiotic angle in mushrooms and garlic, as are spinach and capcicum rich in vitamin C.

The health of our intestine is directly related to our immune system, foods rich in prebitoic yogurt, such as kefir strengthen our immune system. Rich in Omega-3 fatty fish, walnuts and flax seeds are an excellent source and anti-inflammatory turmeric and garlic are ideal foods in this respect.
While it is possible for people with normal health to receive these nutrients through unprocessed foods, cancer patients, pregnant women and those suffering from respiratory diseases may need to receive these nutrients as supplements. It is important to consult a dietician before using these ingredients.

What you can do to strengthen your immune system is not just to eat food. If you can get out of indoor, you need to take vitamin D from the sun and strengthen your respiratory system by giving your lungs some exercise and fresh air. While moving your body is essential for your health and immunity, excessive fatigue can put your immunity in a difficult situation so you need to listen to the signals coming from your body. If you have a moderate cold, you can exercise normally, but if you have a fever, that means your body is fighting infections, you should rest. Rest will help you gather yourself in less time, so you should keep your sleep time between 7 to 9 hours.

In these days when gyms are closed, thinking about alternative sports will be more useful to sit down. This will strengthen your bones and muscles, improve your mood, reduce your stress, regulate your sleep quality and also strengthen your immune system. It will allow you to walk outside, run, bike, get some fresh air by exercising, but you can explore youtube channels and phone apps if you’re not going to be able to leave your home. This will be a unique opportunity for you to try out the different exercises you’ve never tried before. You can make this exercise more enjoyable by adding other members of the family.

You should make it a habit to keep your hand away from your mouth and face, and wash your hands periodically. This time frame is also unique for you to teach your children the rules of hygiene. If you can teach your children a fun way of cleaning by teaching them to make a habit of washing hands after the toilet, before eating and sneezing into their elbows. You can make them consume oranges and kiwi fruits in places that your children can access.

Whether work from your home or work place always clean your work space regularly. You can disinfect desk surfaces and devices that you touch constantly, such as keyboards, mice, printers, etc. at regular intervals.

Even if you are sick, do not hesitate to eat and do not forget to provide hand hygiene without contact with food.

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