Cancer and immune system

The researcher of the Harry Perkins Institute, Pilar Blancafort, was awarded a $ 1.4 million project grant.

Blancafort, head of the cancer epigenetic laboratory, was awarded a grant from NHMRC for efforts to research a new way to treat treatment-resistant breast cancers.

The professor will try to treat some tumors using the body’s immune system. “Many researchers have so far tried to defeat breast cancer cells by activating the immune system, but only 20 percent of these cancers have responded to these treatments. .

Our immune system, which tries to eradicate cancer, has been interrupted by some cancers. This work of the professor will be aimed at revealing how cancer stops this system.

Professor Blancafort said that death from many breast cancers is associated with cancer metastasis, and the grant will give the her resaerch group new opportunities to activate the immune system against agressive tumors.

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